Brian Hamacher

Miami Beach Offering Incentives to Homeowners to Share Security Camera Footage

Officials in Miami Beach are offering incentives to homeowners who let police have access to their personal surveillance cameras.

Miami Beach's new Security Camera Voluntary Registration Program includes waived permit fees and expedited permit approvals for homeowners who install a new or upgraded alarm system that includes security or surveillance cameras.

Private property owners who install and register their security cameras and point at least one camera towards the city's right-of-way will be allowed an additional three false alarms waivers for every calendar year.

Officials say the access will help police solve criminal cases.

"As the adage goes, an image is worth more than a thousand words," Miami Beach Commissioner Micky Steinberg said in a statement. "Installing surveillance cameras can be highly effective in reducing crime and sharing that footage with police officers can provide essential evidence to solve criminal cases."

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