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Miami Beach Officer Who Crashed During Pursuit Has History of Crashes, Records Reveal

The Miami Beach officer who crashed during a police pursuit that killed a woman last month has had a history of traffic collisions, records reveal.

NBC 6 on Wednesday obtained the traffic report of the crash near 76th Street and Byron Avenue just before midnight on March 25.

Officer Gregory McVey was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle with his emergency lights activated when he ran a stop light and crashed into a car driven by 68-year-old Ivonne Reyes, who later died at the hospital.

The stolen vehicle McVey was pursuing ran the same stop sign just before he did, the report said. Timothy Bowers, 35, was accused of stealing a BMW and was charged with grand theft, resisting an officer and cocaine possession.

NBC 6 has also obtained McVey's driving record with the department, which shows seven traffic collisions or incidents since he was hired in 2005. Most were minor incidents while he was on duty.

An internal memo also shows the Miami Beach police chief lost confidence in McVey in his role as a training officer and was transferred out of the training unit in February of 2018. The memo did not get into specifics.

Another record shows McVay was suspended in September for one month, but the records did not reveal why.

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