Miami Beach Officer Uses Stun Gun on Handcuffed Suspect at Close Range

The suspect repeatedly refused to comply with officers, according to police

In an incident captured on video, a Miami Beach Police Department officer used a stun gun at close range on a handcuffed suspect accused of battery on Friday.

Miami Beach police arrested 30-year-old Georgia resident Amir Abdul Crumbley on Friday at 1669 Collins Ave. shortly after 7 p.m. on Friday, according to an arrest report.

Video obtained by NBC 6 shows the ending of the incident. The Miami Beach police arrest report said the incident began when Crumbley and another person became involved in a verbal dispute that escalated into Crumbley attacking the man.

"Fearing for his safety, the victim placed the defendant in a bear hug and the two fell from inside of the trolley as it came to a stop," the arrest report reads. "After both men gathered themselves, the defendant fled the scene while the victim stood by for police to arrive."

As police talked to the man involved in the altercation, Crumbley returned to the scene and two officers approached him to place him in handcuffs, according to the arrest report.

"Mr. Crumbley immediately resisted by not complying, screaming profanities, tensing, turning and pulling away, not allowing officers to handcuff him," the arrest report continues.

Crumbley allegedly continued to ignore "loud and clear" commands to stop resisting and to comply with the officers – "making it impossible for officers to handcuff him."

"Officers eventually were able to place handcuffs on Mr. Crumbley," the arrest report reads.

According to the arrest report, Crumbley once again refused to comply with officers as they attempted to place him inside the police vehicle.

"I was not given any other choice than to strike Mr. Crumbley with a forearm strike to the abdomen, in an attempt to gain compliance," the arrest report continues.

After the strike, Crumbley fell into the vehicle but "immediately stood back up refusing to stay." An officer then struck Crumbley twice but he continued to refuse to comply – kicking at an officer at least once, according to the arrest report.

Crumbley is heard in the video shouting "What did I do?" repeatedly.

"Fearing that Mr. Crumbley would run into traffic and hurt himself, I immediately held Mr. Crlumbly against my police vehicle," the arrest report adds. "At this time, I again gave Mr. Crumbley numerous loud and clear warnings that if he did not comply and stop resisting, he would be Tased."

The arrest report states Crumbley did not comply and the officer then discharged his police stun gun on Crumbley, who was barechested and at about arm's length.

Video shows Crumbley falling to the ground – screaming.

Crumbley faces charges of resisting an officer with violence to his person; battery; disorderly conduct/breach of the peace; and cannabis possession of 20 grams or less.

Crumbley, whose attorney information is not yet available, was treated at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach for his injuries.

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