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Miami Beach Officials Hope for Quieter Weekend as Curfew Goes Back Into Effect

The curfew, causeway closures and more go back into effect Thursday night

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South Beach's curfew goes into effect once again Thursday night, and city officials and some tourists are hoping it will curb the unruly behavior that led to chaos in the days before.

Tourists Cise and Jackie Gist made their flashy entrances to South Beach just hours before the curfew would go into effect. The two are on vacation from Baltimore to celebrate Gist's 50th birthday.

“I am going to go ahead and enjoy this weather a little bit. Maybe swim in the pool," Cise said.

Both have seen the videos of the chaotic scenes from Miami Beach recently -- the stampedes, the brawls, and restaurant workers complaining about people leaving with paying. City Mayor Dan Gelber says over 100 people had weapons on them when arrested.

“I think it's real sad, you know, how our people be acting," Cise said. "You come to a place like this to enjoy yourself."

“You should be able to enjoy yourself without doing all this violence and tearing up property," Gist said. "It shouldn’t have to go to that limit to where they have to put a curfew in force."

The curfew will go into effect Thursday through Sunday at 8 p.m. and last until 6 a.m. The causeways will be closed eastbound beginning at 10 p.m. — only residents, workers, and beach hotel guests can pass.  Drivers will be allowed to make restaurant deliveries.

NBC 6's Marissa Bagg spoke to restaurant owners who say they are feeling the impact from spring break crowds and Miami Beach's curfew.

The moves hurt the pockets of businesses trying to recover.

“I wish the restaurants could stay open because we have a lot of friends who work in the trade and the restaurants and our friends are suffering because of the curfew," Miami Beach resident Johnathan Kline said.

Miami Beach City Manager Raul Aguila said he’s hoping troublemakers will comprehend that jail is where they will spend their vacation.

The second week of a curfew on the city's entertainment district appears to have tampered crowds, while a hotel manager was accused of touching a spring breaker inappropriately. NBC 6's Stephanie Bertini reports

“I am and the past few nights have been calmer, and so I hope that now that people have got the message ... I hope that we will experience a quieter weekend,” Aguila said. 

Either way, “Cise” is always the man with the plan.

“Once this close down, we can drive to Fort Lauderdale,” he said. 

Fort Lauderdale officials say they are ready in case crowds head their way.

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