Miami Beach Police Reinstate Nightclub Work

Program had been Suspended After Officer Appeared Drunk

Miami Beach Police officers will once again be allowed to work off-duty details at local nightclubs if they meet several rules put in place by Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oates.

The new rules come a few months after a Miami Beach Police Officer Sgt. Mike Muley was suspended after he appeared to be drunk while working at a club on Ocean Drive. Oates subsequently temporarily suspended the program allowing officers to work at nightclubs.

Under the new rules, officers must attend a training session with the chief or his designee and acknowledge receipt of the training in writing; be rotated to different locations during the off-duty shift of the supervisor in charge; and not be allowed to enter a club unless police enforcement is necessary.

In addition, officers must park their marked or assigned police cars in a visible location within they are assigned and will not be allowed to consume meals or beverages inside the nightclub.

The nightclubs are set to be consolidated into defined areas with its own job coordinator. The chief of police also may require each area to have a supervisor at all times during the designated detail days and hours.

The details of the officer’s responsibilities are contained in Miami Beach Police General Order #14-04.

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