Miami Beach Prepares Pumps Ahead of Possible Stormy Weekend

The City of Miami Beach hopes to avoid a repeat flooding disaster ahead of heavy rain expected this weekend.

Earlier this month, flood waters inundated Miami Beach as thunderstorms hammered South Florida.

Pump stations that were supposed to mitigate the flooding failed because of a power outage. This time, city officials have a backup plan in place.

Eighteen temporary generators are in prepared to power the new pump stations, Miami Beach said Friday. A spokesperson said three temporary pumps are also ready to go with six more expected to be shipped to the city early next week.

Several business owners in the Sunset Harbor neighborhood said the pumps have greatly reduced flooding in their area and they hope the machines can keep up if and when mother nature strikes again.

The city said it has been out testing all pump stations and will have staff on standby over the weekend in case heavy downpours roll into the area.

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