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Miami Beach to Address Immigration Issue, Miami-Dade Mayor's Position at Commission Meeting

Miami Beach city commissioners are considering a resolution that defies President Trump and calls on Miami-Dade’s mayor to reverse an order for jailers to honor immigration and customs enforcement detention requests when it comes to inmates.

The commission will take up the issue at their Wednesday meeting, one day vocal protests erupted at the county commission meeting in Downtown Miami.

Several protesters were escorted out of that meeting and say they didn’t get a fair chance to make their case. Mayor Carlos Gimenez responded saying it was not the right time to address the issue - which won’t be on the official agenda until later this month.

Days after President Donald Trump said federal funding would be withheld from what his administration called “sanctuary cities”, Gimenez agreed to reverse his previous position on the issue – saying it was in the best interest of the city while adding Miami-Dade officials will not actively seek out any illegal immigrants.

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