Miami's Book Fair Is in Full Swing

A book with a naughty title has grown-ups giggling like school kids.

Rows of books as far as the eye can see line downtown Miami as the International Book Fair takes to the streets. On a low-key kind of night, curling up to a good book may sound more appealing than sifting through hundreds of thousands of titles, but school kids who look forward to this every year say, not so.
"I like everything except the weather," says bookworm Andy Alfonso. He wasn't going to let a little rain Friday night keep him from finding his favorite horror novel, "My Cousin Rachel," by author Daphne du Maurier.
There's truly something here for everyone. Once students boarded school buses home, it was time for adults to have a good time. At the event "Twilight Tastings," big kids sipped on wine and tried local cuisine.
"I'm making a day and evening affair of this," said Rochelle.

She decided to check out the adult offerings at the book fair after spending quality time with her son here earlier in the week.
A book with a naughty title, "Go the F*** to Sleep," had grown-ups giggling like school kids. Actress Jenna Elfman read the children's book for adults out loud. Elfman, a parent, related so much to the potty-mouthed nursery, she turned it into a music video with her best friend and singer Nikka Costa.
Novelist Adam Mansbach penned the book after he couldn't put his own 3-year-old to bed. He says his book is relatable to parents who experience something less than sweet dreams during their children's bedtime.
"It's like if Don Corleone walked into the room and said, 'I'll put your kid to bed, but you'll have to own me a favor,'" Mansbach explains. "I'd say, 'OK, Don Corleone.'"
But even those who haven't experienced the joys of parenting themselves, say they came because of one thing.
"The title. That's what draws you in. To have such an expletive in the title, you have to pick it up," explains Angel Vaccaro.
With that expletive read out loud a few dozen times throughout the night, perhaps even the adults will need to wash their mouths out with soap.
The street fair runs until Sunday, with plenty of age-appropriate activities for everyone in the family.

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