Miami Boy Killed After Gunplay Turns Fatal: Police

One teenager was killed and another is behind bars facing manslaughter charges after a shooting inside a Little Havana apartment late Wednesday night.

Miami Police said the two teenagers were playing with a gun at an apartment in the 1400 block of NW 3rd Street when the gun was fired around 8:45 p.m. Miami Police said the shot went into the chest of William Pagan, 16, killing him. Pagana’s aunt, Jessica Anchundia, said his mother was inconsolable.

“He’s in a better world but I hope my sister gets through this and all these young people have to understand guns is not the answer," said Jessica Anchundia, the Victim's aunt. "You shouldn’t be playing with guns."

Family members said it appeared to be an accident. Officers said the alleged shooter, Juan Acosta, 17, ran from the scene. He was found a short time later and police said he confessed to shooting his friend by mistake.

Pagan’s friends spent Thursday tweeting about the teen and the dangers of playing with guns. It was a message Anchnudia echoed.

“Mothers, if you have a son or daughter that has a gun, please return it to the police station or get rid of it because this is your life, this is your sons' and daughters' life,” Anchundia said.

Police haven’t said where the children got the gun from and no decision has been made whether to charge the 17-year-old as a juvenile or as an adult.

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