Small Plane Crashes in Hollywood Neighborhood

No one was injured after a small plane crashed in a neighborhood in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon.

Officials said just a pilot was aboard when the plane went down around 4:15 p.m. at 76th Avenue and Taylor Street.

The pilot, Randy Shur, told reporters he lost power moments before he was set to land at North Perry Airport and found a safe place to land.

"I started losing power, I let the tower know that I had an emergency and I started looking for a safe place to land," said Shur, who had a bandaged head. "I saw the road here, there was nobody on it, there was no traffic, no children around. That was my first priority, was to make that I didn't hurt anybody's home or take anybody's life."

Footage showed the plane, a Cessna 152, sitting with its tail on a fence near a house.

Robert Neftelberg watched from his backyard and saw the aircraft fall out of the sky, "He tried to go over, but the wind pushed the wing back and he spun out and landed on our neighbor's garage."

That neighbor, Miguel Contreras, was home at the time. He said it's a miracle the plane landed gently enough not to cause any damage, "The sound was tremendous. The impact, 'Pow,' was very strong."

"I had to take off my shirt because he was bleeding excessively, so I took off my shirt and wrapped it around his head," Neftelberg said about the pilot.

A tow truck hauled the plane away with damage to the wing and the front. Neighbors praised the pilot for avoiding everything else.

"I wish I could've gotten the plane in, that was the main thing. It doesn't feel like I'm a hero for saving lives or property, but I did what I was trained to do," Shur expressed.

He only suffered a bump on his head and a few cuts. He added it's a good landing anytime you can walk away from it.

The FAA is investigating the incident.

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