Charter School Denies Partying After Class

Fliers advertise boozy party at Balere Language Academy this Saturday

The attorney for a Miami-Dade charter school accused of turning into a party scene after class said on Friday that parents have nothing to worry about.

Marlon Hill, the attorney for Balere Language Academy in Miami, denied the school is hosting a party that had been advertised with fliers circulated on the Internet. The promotion, which said the party is scheduled for Saturday, highlights booze and scantily-clad women on the school's campus.

The party is supposed to be hosted by Jiggy Dre.

Hill said no school officials have authorized any parties on campus after hours and that the fliers, which feature the school's address of 10875 Quail Roost Dr., likely have the wrong address on them.

"Parents should not worry that anything inappropriately is happening at the school," Hill said.

Parents initially began complaining after empty beer bottles were found on the campus. The party ad is called "Push It To Da Limit Part 1, The Flossin Edition," which implies that another party might be in the works.

The Miami-Dade County School District started receiving complaints from parents last week about concerns that the school transforms into a nightclub when students leave.

Deputy Superintendent Freddie Woodson sent the school a sternly worded letter, warning that the building is zoned for a school, not a nightclub.

Hill said the only other group that uses the school campus is a church group on the weekends, but he doubts they are throwing the parties depicted in the flier.

Woodson said in his letter that the school's property should only be used for "Kindergarten thru 8th Grade School" and that there were exemptions, alteration or additions to the approved use."

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