Miami Children's Hospital Renamed for Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus and Wife

Miami Children's Hospital is getting a new name thanks to a generous donation from golfing legend Jack Nicklaus and his wife.

Beginning Friday, the facility will be known as Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Barbara and Jack Nicklaus are pledging $60 million from their own foundation to the “Together for the Children” campaign within the Miami Children’s Health Care Foundation. The final goal is to raise $150 million.

Nicklaus said he and his wife won’t stop until that happens.

“Our job is to go out and find the funds to complete those projects," Nicklaus said at a ceremony Thursday.

"When Jack and I were first married and had a very sick child and eventually was healed by our local children’s hospital and we always said if we had an opportunity to help someone we wanted it to be children,” Barbara Nicklaus said.

Through Jack and Barbara’s foundation and Miami Children’s, a relationship was made and now they’re on their way to raising a lot of money for those new projects ahead.

Over the next few weeks the old signs will be taken down and new ones will go up.

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