Miami Church Stands By Partnership With Goya Foods Despite Backlash After CEO's Trump Praise


Goya Foods is facing backlash following flattering comments made by the company's CEO in a show of support for President Trump, but a local church in South Florida is standing by the producer of Latino cuisine.

Though many are calling for boycotts of Goya products, the leaders at Alpha & Omega Church on 7800 Miller Drive in Miami told NBC 6 their partnership with the company will continue.

"We really like Goya because they have been helping us for years," said Pastor Esther Jivanjee. "They are not doing it now because of what's going on."

Last week, Robert Unanue, the CEO of Goya Foods, publicly praised President Trump during a press conference at the White House. Some consumers who were critical of Unanue's comments said they would stop buying Goya.

Jivanjee, however, does not think that Unanue's political beliefs make a difference as far as the company's operations are concerned. "We're proud that they have been helping," she said. "We say, 'If it's Goya, it has to be good.'"

According to Jivanjee, the partnership between the church and Goya has been in place for years, and is set to continue.

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