Miami Cuban Catholics Talk About Pope’s Visit to Island Nation

People were praying for peace but also got political

Miami's Catholic Cubans who cannot be at Pope Benedict's arrival in Cuba said they hope the pontiff's trip will be positive for the island.

"I hope the papa gives more peace to that island," said Lisette Munoz, who was at Ermita Caridad, a shrine in Coconut Grove where many Catholic Cubans prayed on Monday.

People were praying for peace but they also got political.

"You can not be a politician without morals and morals have to do with the church," said Luis Vargas Saavadra.

 "I think he should just stick with the faith. That's the best way to handle it," said Gamy Lasano.

People were concerned about the meeting with the Castros.

Bishop Augustine Roman cannot go to Cuba. He was expelled by the Castros in 1961. He said the church was able to do work on the island nation after Pope John Paul's visit.

"They opened the permissions and maybe today we will have some more," he said.

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