Miami-Dade Businesses Still Adjusting to New Normal as County Continues to Hand Out Citations, Closures

Businesses across Miami-Dade County are still adjusting to the "new normal" rules during the pandemic as a handful of businesses have been fined or ordered to shut down this past weekend, government officials said.

One of those companies was previously a mobile car wash business on Northwest 166th Street.

The county said the businesses had been converted to a strip club.

"It's not a club, it's a lounge," one employee said. "It's a lounge and they keep it closed when they come, but I don't really know about the lounge."

The employee said, prior to COVID, the space used to be rented out for graduation parties.

In Brickell, Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza was given a $500 fine and 24 hours to shut down after two patrons were seen drinking wine just two minutes after curfew.

"We’ve been following rules and safety procedures from day one and this unfortunate event will cost us $500, and more importantly, be closed for 24 hours in a difficult moment like this," owner Umberto Mascagni said.

According to the county, as of Saturday, over 4,700 businesses have been given warnings for not following the new normal rules.

Over 500 businesses have been fined, and over 90 have been forced to close.

According to Miami-Dade’s new normal rules, restaurants can operate at 50% capacity indoors. Employees must wear face masks and always social distance.

A previous version of this article mistakenly identified the business on Northwest 166th Street as a U-Haul service center.

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