Miami Dade College Inaugurates New Gaming Complex

Miami Dade College inaugurated the Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) at the Wolfson Campus on Friday.

MAGIC is one-stop shopping for students interested in learning every phase of video game design.

"There is nothing like this anywhere in Florida and if not the best, one of the best in the nation," said Eduardo Padron, MDC President.

Students will be recording real movements to make realistic characters. They'll learn the complex coding involved in games and the animation involved. They will also learn how to mix audio.

"Everything is happening here, so it's literally, I can work with someone who's doing motion capture and they're 15-feet away from me. It's amazing," one student explained.

The complex has already captured the attention of the gaming industry, which has been instrumental in designing the curriculum for MAGIC.

"Getting their inputs, what is important to them, for us to teach here at Miami Dade College and with these two tracks we're implementing," said Mauricio Ferrazza with MDC.

The two degree tracks are animation and game art, and game development design. Graduates in these fields are in great demand, the jobs pay well and you don't have to pay a fortune in tuition.

"We have a program that is affordable, so every member of the community, regardless of income, regardless of their position in life can come and get the skills to be able to contribute to our economy," Padron said.

More than 80 students will start classes at the complex on Monday.

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