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Miami-Dade Corrections Officer Accused of Shooting His Child's Mom

A Miami-Dade County corrections officer faces attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot the mother of his child during a domestic violence incident in Opa-locka, according to an arrest report.

The incident occurred late Monday at a home on Sultan Avenue. The arrest report includes three versions of the event: one by David Mercado, the corrections officer; one by Wendi Vasquez, who was shot; and one by a man identified as Rogelio Sosa.

Vasquez said that she was in her room lying on the bed with Sosa when she noticed Mercado approach the bedroom window and begin knocking.

Vasquez said she went to the front door to try to calm down Mercado, who she said pushed past her and walked toward the bedroom where Sosa was laying in bed with her baby.

At that point, Mercado – who was in his corrections uniform – pulled out his gun from his holster and attempted to shoot Sosa, according to Vasquez.

However, Vasquez was facing Mercado and tried to get in between both men – being shot once in the chest in the altercation before Sosa grabbed his own gun and shot at Mercado, Vasquez said, adding that Mercado fled after he shot her.

Sosa's account as per the arrest report is similar to Vasquez's version. In his statement, Sosa said Mercado was yelling "Come out, you w----" and "I am going to kill you and him" as he knocked on the bedroom window.

After he entered the bedroom, Sosa said he saw Mercado draw his weapon and shoot once, striking Vasquez. Out of fear for his life, Sosa said he grabbed his concealed weapon and fired at Mercado.

Sosa said they exchanged gunfire as Mercado fled from the home.

Mercado, however, told police that he went to Vasquez's home because she was not answering his phone calls and saw through the window that she was having sex with Sosa.

Mercado became angry and knocked on the front door, he told police.

"He said that he entered the house and went to the bedroom to confront Mr. Sosa. He said that he slapped Mr. Sosa in the face," the arrest report reads. "He then said that Mr. Sosa started shooting at him."

In his statement, Mercado told police he was shot in the chest. He denied shooting Vasquez and denied attempting to shoot Sosa.

Mercado was arrested after police observed that the shots were fired from a position "consistent with Ms. Vasquez's and Sosa's description of events."

Vasquez was hospitalized but her condition is not yet known.

"Due to the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time regarding this incident with an MDCR officer while off duty," the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department said in a statement. "However, we are saddened by this tragedy and our prayers are with the victims and their families."

Mercado appeared in court Wednesday with a private attorney. He remains in jail under no bond and is awaiting trial. 

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