Miami-Dade County Unveils New Metrorail Cars, Set For Debut Next Year

Miami-Dade County is sharing the future of transportation with the reveal of the new Metrorail on Monday.

“We're buying 136 new Metrorail cars,” said Alice Bravo, Director of Transportation and Public Works for the county.

The new trains are all a part of the county's initiative to modernize public transportation.

“This vehicle will be adopted to the Wifi systems and also in novelty design for the USA metro market,” said Andrea Pepi, senior VP of sales for Hitachi Rail, the Italian based company who created the cars.

By 2019 the county will have 136 new rail cars, fully tested and operational. The project of creating these cars cost the county approximately $300 million.

“Basically, this is a commitment to the future,” said Bravo. “A commitment to transportation here in Miami-Dade county and I think a sign of things to come as we look at expanding our system in the future.

Before the Metrorail cars go into effect, they will be tested and are aimed to be in service by next fall.

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