Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Task Force 1 Deploys Ahead of Hurricane Ida

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s FL-TF1 Urban Search and Rescue Team has been deployed to stage in Alabama ahead of Hurricane Ida in preparation for a rapid response to those who may be affected by this storm wherever it should make landfall.

The 45-member team will include two canines.

The team specializes in 12 areas, including command and control, technical search, structural assessment and stabilization, planning/technical information, advanced medical care including physicians and medical specialists, hazardous materials mitigation, tactical communications, logistics support, and safety and rescue specialists. 

Additionally, a 2-member team was already deployed, as an advanced element of FEMA's initial efforts, to establish on-site management and support ahead of the arrival of the search and rescue teams.

“We are always ready to respond to any type of incident when our resources and expertise are needed. We continuously train to be prepared for any type of disaster,” said Fire Chief Alan Cominsky.

The USAR teams' mission is to respond to natural and man-made disasters by providing search and rescue support, medical support, communications, and damage assessment, and to coordinate the distribution of relief supplies.

They have been deployed nationally and internationally for multiple disasters including the Oklahoma City bombing, World Trade Center collapse, Hurricane Katrina, earthquake responses in Colombia, Turkey, and Haiti, and, most recently, the building collapse in Surfside. 

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