Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Rules Missing Teen's Death Homicide

Police are still searching for clues following the gruesome murder of a teenage boy.

Family members told NBC 6 Jose Guardado's brother found his burned body in the woods near his school just days after he disappeared.

The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner has now ruled the death a homicide. The boy's body was discovered in a wooded area near the Homestead Jobs Corps Center, where he was a student.

Family members said Guardado, 17, was living and studying at the education and career technical training program to become a mechanic.

"He was really, really happy because he was going to start on Monday getting the mechanic class. The one that he wanted," the victim's brother, Fredis Amaya, said.

Guardado was last seen after he was dropped off at school on June 28. Three days later, his body was found in a wooded area near campus.

"I start digging and digging and see two foots facing down," Amaya said.

According to Amaya, the body was partially buried and covered in dirt and burnt wood. Guardado's classmates said some students often hang out in the desolate area.

"I've had a couple of friends who have had some altercations back there. With people who are high on narcotics and stuff like that," Nate Reina explained.

Miami-Dade Police said the medical examiner determined the cause of death to be trauma. The victim's family is unsure who could've killed their loved one in such a gruesome manner, but they are begging for answers.

"The only thing is, I wish they get those persons because that's not fair for my little brother that they killed him that way," Amaya expressed.

Some classmates claim Guardado was bullied, but police said this is an ongoing investigation. 

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