Miami-Dade Erasing Criminal Records

State Attorney's office expunging records for free tomorrow

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If you have an arrest record in Miami-Dade County, don't walk, run to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens tomorrow because the State Attorney's Office is offering a chance to start over again.

The "Second Chance" One-Stop Sealing and Expungement program will be from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for people who have not been convicted of a crime, but probably pleaded no contest to minor charges. And it's free. 

Considering the number of celebrities and sports figures who get cuffed down here, it might turn into a red carpet event. Make sure to bring your cameras.

The Second Chance program is sort of a get-out-of-jail free pass, only you're not really in jail anymore.

Still, your criminal record follows you everywhere, so it's an opportunity to get a clean slate, which could come in handy in case you wanted to get a good job.

The program doesn't apply to people charged with violent crimes. To make sure you get a spot, pre-register here at the State Attorney's Office website. It's sure to be packed.

Why would the state attorney want to do such a nice thing for some? Who knows.

Maybe Katherine Rundle caught a case of the niceyss, or maybe they just want to clear space in their cluttered offices. But really, who cares?

We won't ask questions if you don't.

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