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Miami-Dade Police Launches ‘Operation Summer Heat' to Stop Gun Violence

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In light of the recent shootings in Miami-Dade County, the police department announced Thursday it is launching "Operation Summer Heat" to stop the violence.

The effort is launching immediately and unifies not just police departments across Miami-Dade but also brings in others like code enforcement officers and those with expertise in social media.  

“We are going to crack down on those businesses that have been operating illegally.  Some of the violence is taking place at these venues. So, starting tomorrow, this weekend, and beyond we will be send out strike teams. 17 teams in fact," Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said.

Until September, every single police department in Miami-Dade will go beyond their normal cooperation to put more officers in the neighborhoods where most of the shootings are taking place.

“We mourn together as a community and now we act together as a community and Operation Summer Heat is a call to action," said Freddy Ramirez, Miami-Dade’s Police Director.

Ramirez said the community will see more police out and more officers directly engaging the community. Ramirez got all the law enforcement agencies on board for the summer push.

The group made clear they can’t do it alone and need the public’s help in finding three men who shot 23 people in just a few seconds, as well as others who are shooting in Miami-Dade streets.

“I lost my son 10 steps away from me from senseless gun violence," said Romania Dukes with Mothers Fighting for Justice. “I am here to say stop the silence. The silence must stop now. You all give us justice if you speak up.  If you see something say something."

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle says there’s more to protection than you many think if you come forward.  

“I am not sure that everyone is fully aware that every single police chief here if they have a victim or a witness that they believe, or that person believes they need protection application, they sign off on it,” Rundle said. “Oftentimes they will put them in hotel rooms, they will move them to other cities.”

The Crime Stoppers phone number is 305-471-TIPS. The reward leading to the capture of the three men in the mass shooting in northwest Miami-Dade is $130,000. 

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