Miami-Dade Police Lieutenant Faces New Allegations of Molestation

A Miami-Dade police lieutenant previously charged with molesting an underage girl is back behind bars after more allegations surfaced.

Braulio Gonzalez, 45, appeared in court Thursday, where he was charged with three additional counts of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Gonzalez was arrested back in September on similar charges and was held in jail without bond. Soon after, his attorney managed to get him out of jail and had him put under house arrest. 

These new allegations put Gonzalez back in jail without bond.

"We've already pled him not guilty, and that's what we feel about the allegations, he's not guilty," said Gonzalez's attorney, Bruce Lehr. "He's had no violations for some eight months and now this surprise."

The latest arrest warrant says the victim told a therapist Gonzalez would walk into the bathroom while she was showering and stare at her through the glass door. She said it happened from the time she was 9 years old until she was 11. She also claims Gonzalez would fondle her as they sat together watching TV.

Gonzalez is scheduled to see another judge Friday morning to set a bond or a release such as house arrest.

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