Miami-Dade Police Officer Accused of Beating, Strangling Estranged Husband

A Miami-Dade Police officer is accused of beating and strangling her estranged husband, officials said.

Yaeliz Wilt, 36, was arrested in Doral Monday on charges of battery, false imprisonment and domestic battery by strangulation.

She was granted a $10,000 bond during a court appearance Tuesday but didn't speak with reporters after she was released from jail.

According to an arrest report, Wilt got into an argument with her husband, who she is separated from. During the argument, Wilt punched her husband in the head and blocked the doorway when he tried to leave, the report said.

At one point, she pushed him into a bedroom and as they continued to struggle, she bit him on the top of his head, the report said.

Wilt also grabbed his necklace from behind and started to pull it back, and he became dizzy from a lack of oxygen, the report said. He later had bruising around his neck.

The husband, Carl Wilt, told NBC 6 he wasn't happy she's behind bars.

"Things just went wrong, just a bad day, that's all," he said. "It happens, you know."

During her court appearance, Wilt said she has been a police officer for almost eight years and said she lives with her four children. She was appointed a public defender.

"I have enough to pay my bills, that's it, I don't have money in the bank, I don't have any savings," she told the judge at the hearing.

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