Miami-Dade Police Officer Used Apple Airtags to Stalk Ex: Cops

Javier Magarin, 27, was arrested June 2 on one count of stalking and two counts of installing tracking devices, according to an arrest report

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A Miami-Dade Police officer is facing stalking and other charges after officials said he used Apple Airtags to track his ex-girlfriend.

Javier Magarin, 27, was arrested June 2 on one count of stalking and two counts of installing tracking devices, according to an arrest report.

Javier Magarin
Miami-Dade Corrections
Javier Magarin

The arrest report said Magarin's girlfriend ended their relationship on March 20 "at the conclusion of a heated argument and repeated irreconcilable differences" and Magarin moved out of the residence they shared that same day.

But starting that day and for the next month, he repeatedly stalked her using Apple Airtag tracking devices without her consent, the report said.

Magarin also repeatedly called her, sent her text messages, and contacted her through social media and email, the report said.

The same day he moved out, the ex detected an Apple Airtag tracking device signal emitting from somewhere in her car after she heard it beeping, the report said.

She asked Magarin if he had placed his Apple Airtag in her car and he denied doing it, and she searched the car but didn't find the device, the report said.

The noise in the car continued so on March 27 she parked the car at a friend's house in Coral Gables without telling anyone, but when she returned to the car she saw Magarin parked across the street, the report said.

Magarin contacted her and was upset she didn't return to retrieve her car and had changed her Instagram password, which blocked his access to her account, the report said.

He also finally admitted he had placed an Apple Airtag in her car but said he'd already removed it, the report said.

The next day, Magarin sent her message that showed a photo of her car, and told her he used her Apple watch to track her whereabouts, the report said.

They continued the conversation and Magarin finally admitted that the Airtag was in her car's trunk under a floor mat by the battery compartment, the report said.

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When she searched her car she found the Airtag in that exact spot.

She later communicated with Magarin through text message, "telling him to stop interfering in her life or she would report the matter to his employer, and he responded via text by saying that he did not care because his life was already over," the report said.

On April 1, she went to her cousin's apartment and Magarin texted her the address where she was, the report said. She realized she'd put the Airtag in her handbag, so she threw it away, but he texted that he was downstairs at the building, the report said.

Magarin sent her a barrage of text messages between April 1-3 "communicating his jealousy and ill feelings over what he believed to be betrayal for the victim being with another person," the report said.

When she told him she was going to get a restraining order against him, Magarin posted a photo on his Instagram that showed a hand holding a Glock handgun with the caption "I'll do it in style for you," the report said.

On April 21, as she was getting ready to fly out of town the next day, Magarin contacted her saying he was aware she was leaving town and gave her specific details about her itinerary, the report said.

When she arrived at the airport the next day, airline workers told her that her reservation had been canceled.

She checked the log-in history of her email account and saw that Magarin had logged in without her knowledge, leading her to believe that he had canceled her flight, the report said.

On that same day, April 22, she sent him a "final warning" that if he didn't stop stalking her she'd file a restraining order.

On April 26, she was alerted to the presence of a nearby Apple Airtag and narrowed it to the rear of her car. She went to Miami-Dade Police to report the incident, and detectives found an Apple Airtag affixed to the undercarriage of her car, concealed deep in the rear bumper undercarriage area.

Records for the Airtag showed it registered to Magarin, the report said.

Magarin was arrested and booked into jail before he was released on $6,000 bond, records showed. Attorney information wasn't available.

"It is discouraging to learn that one of my officers was involved in an off-duty domestic incident which led to his arrest," Miami-Dade Police Dir. George A. Perez said in a statement. "His actions are not aligned with our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness. The arrest of any police officer weighs heavily on our profession, and the community we swore to protect."

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