Miami-Dade Police Officer’s Bodycam Video Shows Woman’s Controversial Arrest

Officer Alejandro Giraldo has been placed on administrative leave following the incident

Miami-Dade Police released an officer's body camera footage showing the arrest of a woman that led to the officer being placed on paid administrative leave.

The footage, released Friday, shows the March 5th arrest of 26-year-old Dyma Loving from the perspective of Officer Alejandro Giraldo, who was placed on leave after a different cell phone video surfaced this week.

According to an arrest report, officers responded to the scene on Southwest 201st Street after Loving and other woman, 22-year-old Adrianna Green, got into an argument with a male homeowner who allegedly threatened them with a gun. A separate report alleges Loving became irate and uncooperative while not obeying their commands.

The body cam video shows Giraldo speaking with the two women about the incident as Loving repeatedly says she needs to call her kids.

"You need to chill out, because if not you're going to be arrested. You're being disorderly right now," Giraldo says. "If you don't calm down, I'm going to bring you in."

Things quickly escalate as Loving says her daughter is sick and she needs to charge her phone.

"You know what, she she needs to be Baker Acted if anything," Giraldo says.

"Why do I have to be corrected when my life was just threatened and my daughter's sick?" Loving replies, as Giraldo moves in and arrests her.

Loving suffered a minor injury to her elbow but did not seek medical attention and was taken to jail.

"I was terrified, like my head almost got blown off. Like there is no calm. Like, before Ardri even recorded he walked up and tried to force me to be calm. Like, holding my arm and shaking my arm. Like, calm down, calm down," Loving told NBC 6 Thursday.

Miami-Dade Police Director called the video "deeply troubling" and said the actions were "in no way reflective of our core values of integrity, respect, service and fairness" and said anyone who violated policy would be held accountable.

Giraldo, was relieved of duty as well as his role as a field training officer pending the outcome of the investigation.

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