Miami-Dade Police Once Again Warn of Social Media Hoax Letter

Miami-Dade Police are once again warning residents of a hoax letter making the rounds on social media that warns of gang members who are raping women.

The document, which has a Miami-Dade County logo and has been making the rounds on the Internet for years, is not from police or county government, police said Wednesday.

Police have worked to debunk the hoax letter since at least 2011, and online fact checker Snopes has also rated the letter as "false."

The fake document from the Miami-Dade "Sheriff's Department" says the message is "for any lady who goes to work, college or school or even driving or walking the streets alone."

"If you find a young person crying on the road showing you their address and is asking you to take them to that address...take that child to the POLICE STATION!" the letter reads. "No matter what you do, DON'T go to that address. This is a new way for gang members (MS13) to rape women."

Police said official public safety communications are posted on their social media channels.

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