Miami-Dade police

Miami-Dade Police Search for Owners of Stolen Property

Miami-Dade Police detectives are trying to reunite stolen items with their rightful owners after a group of burglary suspects were recently arrested in Kendall.

The items, ranging from jewelry to landscaping equipment, were recovered in two separate arrests last month, police said.

In the first arrests, made on Sept. 4, detectives recovered landscaping equipment and tools. Blanco Osorio, 31, and Andy Hernandez-Barthelemy, 25, were charged with grand theft and burglary, police said.

The second arrests, made on Sept. 12, involved three men, 20-year-olds Pablo Cesar Ortiz and Cristian Quiroz-Hernandez and 21-year-old Raudel Del Torro Mejas, police said. In that case, stolen jewelry was recovered.

Anyone who thinks they may be a victim can contact police at 305-270-3526.

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