Miami-Dade School Board to Stand With Teachers

School Board votes to denounce Senate Bill 6

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It's always good to know your bosses have your back.

Miami-Dade teachers learned Wednesday that the School Board will join them in their petition to get Gov. Charlie Crist to veto a bill that would change the way teachers get paid.

We guess that whole "sickout" thing is water under the bridge.

School Board members unanimously voted against Senate Bill 6, which would tie teacher pay to student performance. The board is expected to send a formal letter to Crist asking him to veto the bill.

Teachers across the state have been fuming over the proposal, which essentially ignores teacher experience and certifications, but Miami-Dade teachers took it to the extreme this week.

Hundreds of teachers participated in a "sickout" by not coming to work on Monday, leaving the district without 25 percent of its regulars. You'd think board members would be a little angry about the very public stand that impacted students' education for a day, but  it looks like they get the point.

"I can't think of anything good to say about Senate Bill 6,'' board chairman Solomon Stinson said.

Crist has until Friday to veto the bill or it becomes law. The governor has flip flopped positions, but most recently hinted that he might side with teachers. That might have a little to do with the warning teachers have issued about remembering his decision at the ballot box.

Crist's opposition for the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio, has come out and said the governor should sign the bill.

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