Miami-Dade School Teaching Next Generation of TV Journalists With Magnet Program

What to Know

  • The TV production program is open to all students in Miami-Dade.

If you’re a high school student who has ever dreamt of working in television news, one school in Miami-Dade is preparing the next generation of broadcasters.

Every morning at 8:50 am, it’s show time at FBN News - but this live newscast is not produced in a typical newsroom, but inside a high school classroom as part of the intensive TV production program in the magnet curriculum at John Ferguson Senior High.

“I get to work with cameras, I get to work behind the stage, I get to go on air and it just totally helps,” said junior Veronica Borges.

Al Martinez has been teaching this course for more than a decade and has taught some that have gone on to report for a living – including NBC 6 and Telemundo 51 reporter Andrea Cruz.

“The kids who are really into it,” Martinez said. “We have a live show and we stream it on the internet…every morning at 8:50, moms and dads can watch their sons and daughters do the news.”

“I tell them to report the truth, I tell them to verify their stories and verify their sources, and I always say question your source,” he added. “The ones that really want to be in the industry they see what’s going on and they want to make the difference and they want to report the right stuff.”

Students graduate knowing the realities of the industry, and what it will take to achieve their dreams.

“Before I started this class here I did not know what I wanted to do…and after I started I was like I really want to be a reporter,” Borges said.

The TV production program is open to all students in Miami-Dade. For more information on applying, click on this link.

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