Miami-Dade Schools, Miami Gardens Police Simulate Active Shooter Situation to Prep For Upcoming Year

Back to school preparation were different than what is normally seen for members of several police agencies, including Miami-Dade County Public Schools on Monday.

An active shooter scenario played out at one Miami Gardens K-8 center, giving police a chance to prepare for their reaction should the worst take place.

Crime scene tape was put up across the grounds of the school by M-DCPS Police and the Miami Gardens Police Department, with shots ringing out for all to hear.

“We look at what’s happening around our nation and what’s happening worldwide, especially at Pulse in Orlando, and we’ve got to be prepared,” said M-DCPS Chief Ian Moffett.

“It’s good to know what to do in these scenarios because a lot of us don't know and many freak out.,” said Elizabeth Cruz, a student in the Explores Program that took part in the drill, taking notes as officers tested their responses.

Officers from both agencies used Kevlar helmets, bullet proof vests and simulated rounds, working together to catch the shooters

“As time has passed we’ve learned that when you have an active shooter, you have to react,” said Miami Gardens Police Chief Antonio Brooklen. “So when there’s one, two officers that come together whether Miami Gardens or (the) School Board or any other partners, we all train the same.”

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