Miami-Dade Street Named for Nubia Barahona

"Nubia Way" was unveiled in honor of 10-year-old abused and beaten to death by her adoptive father

The 10-year-old girl authorities say was beaten to death by her adoptive father was memorialized with a Miami-Dade street named in her honor Friday.
Miami-Dade County officials unveiled "Nubia Way" the intersection of Southwest 117th Avenue and 47th Terrace, very near the house of horrors where investigators believe Nubia Docter was long abused and eventually murdered.

In February, Nubia's decomposed body was found steeped in chemicals and stuffed in a bag in the bed of adoptive father Jorge Barahona's pickup truck.

In the cab, police found her brother, alive but with broken bones, convulsing and badly burned by toxic chemicals.

Jorge Barahona, who was discovered passed out on the ground near his truck, and his wife Carmen have both been charged with first-degree murder in Nubia's death.

"Nubia's short life serves as a reminder that we must do all we can to combat child abuse and prevent this from ever happening again," said a county official. "The pain and suffering she endured must not be in vain."

Mayor Carlos Gimenez and members of the commission were on hand for the ceremony, along with Joanne Muniz, the former president of the Blue Lakes Elementary PTA, where little Nubia and her brother attended school.

Police say the Barahonas abused the twins for months, though they both have pleaded not guilty.

In May, Commissioner Javier Souto drafted the resolution to name the street for Nubia, and said he hopes making people aware of her story will prevent other abuses.

Souto and the commission are also launching a campaign to inform residents of a special hotline to call if they suspect a child is being abused.

"These signs will serve to remind anyone who sees 'Nubia Way' who this little girl was and hopefully convince someone who may know of an incidence of child abuse to call the hotline and potentially save a life," said Souto in a statement. "It is unconscionable that we as a community allow another child to fall through the cracks like this again."

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