Miami-Dade Students Wear Green to Stand Against Youth Violence

Students at Miami-Dade School District wore green Wednesday to stand against youth violence.

It's part of a new national initiative launched this week called 'Sandy Hook Promise'.

"We wear green so people don't feel left out because recently there's been violence with kids," explained Sara Ruiz Mesa, a 4th grader at I-Prep Academy.

'Sandy Hook Promise' is a non-profit group created by several families whose children were killed at a Connecticut school in 2012.

The core program is called "Know the Signs" to help identify and counsel anyone showing signs of violence to themselves or others.

Parents at I-Prep Academy said they embrace the initiative.

"I don't even buy toy guns for my kids. So I think it's a great idea to get the kids involved and you know let them be aware of what's going on," said parent Marie Friends.

Miami-Dade Schools was chosen to launch the program. An event called 'Start With Hello', was held Monday at John A. Ferguson High School.

Teachers said they hope the initiative will bring about change to the classroom and make campuses safer.

"I think the kids definitely feel a sense of teamwork and unity," said Amy Rose.

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