Miami-Dade Taxis Will Soon Accept Credit Cards, New Upgrades

Miami-Dade County taxis will soon be upgraded with technology that will better serve passengers.

County commissioners approved a measure on Tuesday that would require all cabs to accept credit cards and the installations of GPS’s, security cameras and SunPass responders, the Miami Herald reports.

“Changes are coming to this county,” Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa said.

The change was approved 10-1 with Commissioner Xavier Suarez absent from the vote and Commissioner Audrey Edmonson absent from the meeting.

Cab drivers will have up to six months to install SunPass responders and up to two years for the installations of credit card machines.

Cab owners were also granted an additional six months to replace their cab vehicle that was scheduled to go out of service on Dec. 31, 2013.

On Wednesday, commissioners are still waiting to vote on a proposal that would raise taxi-meter rates with inflation and a possible technology surcharge.

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