Demonstrators Gather in Miami to Protest Police Excessive Force Tactics

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A group of activists and community leaders are holding a demonstration Tuesday in Downtown Miami to demand an end of what they call aggressive use of force by police in response to political protests.

The protest will be held at 5 p.m. near the Torch of Friendship in Downtown Miami.

"Since the declaration of emergency due to COVID-19, we have witnessed an escalation of excessive force by Miami police against peaceful demonstrators as well as arrests to intimidate demonstrators and prevent demonstrations from occurring, in violation of constitutionally-protected free speech rights," a news release read. "The police department itself admits they have escalated tactics against peaceful demonstrations since July 2."

The demonstrators, who are also joined by local Black Lives Matter protesters, are also calling for the dropping of all charges against other protesters who have been arrested in Miami since the death of George Floyd.

They also called for "an immediate end to efforts by the Miami Police Department to discredit the local Black Lives Matter movement."

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