Miami Doctor Involved in Uber Scuffle Breaks Silence

After video surfaced and went viral of a Miami doctor attacking an Uber driver, she is now defending herself.

Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident, has been placed on leave and removed from all clinical duties. She's employed by Jackson Health System.

Ramkissoon is laying low and trying to clear her name. She spoke out for the first time in an interview with Gossip Extra.

The YouTube video showing Ramkissoon in a scuffle with an Uber driver now has more than five million views. It shows her going on a rampage, attacking the driver. The video below contains graphic language and content.

On Tuesday, she spoke to Gossip Extra, who managed to track her down at her house.

"I'm trying to stay under the radar with a few friends. I didn't realize this was going to be such a big deal," Ramkissoon said in the interview.

But her bizarre behavior has become a huge deal. Her tirade might cost her her job. After the video surfaced, she was put on administrative leave.

She confirmed the disciplinary action in the interview, "I've been indeed suspended and I don't even know when I'm going to get back to work. I'm getting a lawyer and a public relations firm but I don't know if it's going to do any good."

YouTube user Juan Cinco posted the incident online over a week ago as the Uber driver was picking someone up near Mary Brickell Village.

Ramkissoon allegedly tried to hop into someone else's Uber and that's when the chaos happened. Since the attack, Ramkissoon has also had to fend off cyber bullies on social media.

"I had to change my cellphone number because strangers were calling to yell at me," she told Gossip Extra.

After a long struggle, with her violently throwing items out the window, the Uber driver, who suffered some bruises and damage to his rear view mirror, ultimately decided not to press charges.

"I mean, if she's a good doctor obviously she can help people. I wouldn't want her to lose her license. Maybe she's a really good doctor," said Igor Belic, Uber driver.

As for the fate of Ramkissoon's career, it is still in jeopardy. Jackson Health has launched an internal investigation to see whether she will be disciplined or terminated.

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