Miami Dolphins Celebrating After General Manager Goes

"It's like Christmas," said Greg Likens, sports radio co-host for 560 WQAM.

Some Dolphins fans aren't just glad the team's general manager is gone, they're celebrating.

"It's like Christmas," said Greg Likens, sports radio co-host for 560 WQAM.

Callers agreed.

"This is a great day in Dolphins history," said a man who dialed-in to cheer the departure of ex-manager Jeff Ireland. "This guy has... made one bonehead decision after another bonehead decision."

The Dolphins finished 8-8, going five seasons without playing a playoff game.

"I think the threat of the dwindling fan base had something to do with this," NBC 6's own Joe Rose said of Jim Ireland's departure.

Likens broke it down this way: "when you spend over $200 million in total contracts in the off season plus you have a nine player draft class that doesn't make a big enough impact, and you lose your last two games by scoring a total seven points over eight quarters, something needs to change."

But some say dropping Ireland is not enough.

"I don't think the house cleaning's over," said Dolphins fan Laz Arriba. "I think... they need from top to bottom, they need to get rid of everybody. And they need to start fresh, you know the foundation's bad. Anything you build on it, it's gonna be bad."

Other fans hope the next manager, whoever he is, will restore the franchise to glory days.

"How about the kids now adays that are in their 20s and haven't seen a playoff game or a good season their whole life," said Zach Krantz. "They don't know what it's like."

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