‘Buy One, Homeless Gets One' Idea Comes to Miami

"You and Who" founder on a nationwide tour for homeless

A Buffalo man is bringing a business venture to Miami that will keep you looking fashionable while helping the needy at the same time.

The business is called "You And Who" and it's slogan is, "One for you, and one for someone in need."

Helping the homeless, by shopping. It's a new idea Dan Gigante is bringing to Miami and he needs locals to make it happen. Miami is the second stop on his journey.

"It's kind-of a whirlwind tour hitting 30 cities in 90 days, especially since I head home every weekend, too," Gigante said on Thursday.

This is how "You And Who" works: You buy a T-shirt for yourself, designed by a local artist. In turn, a homeless person will be given the same T-shirt. The artist who designed it will earn a dollar for every shirt sold.

"One of the first shelters I went to, I was able to give a shirt to clients and I'm not ashamed to admit that when I went outside I almost broke down and that really told me I made the right decision," Gigante said. "I'm going to leave the company that I had and I'm just going to do You and Who full-time because I believed in it so much."

Gigante was a website developer, but to make ends meet, he still does some web work on the side.

He won't have time for that in the next 90 days though. He's busy finding organizations to donate to like Miami's Community Partnership for Homeless.

He's looking for artists to design the shirts, and he's visiting retails shops to carry the clothes. He's also talking to locals and trying to get the word out.

"Everyone I've talked to about this idea loves it, but not a lot of people know about it," Gigante said.

So if you know an organization, artist, or someone with a store, visit www.YouandWho.com.

You can also find the business on Facebook.com/YouAndWho, Twitter.com/You_And_Who, and YouTube.com/YouAndWhoTube.

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