Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens Farm Share Helps Families in Need

Bags of free food in hand, hundreds of Miami Gardens residents left Norwood Park with a smile.

"Oh Lord, I think I must have like 5 bags," said food recipient Robin Anderson. "A little bit of everything."

And there's plenty more where that came from. A large scale foodbank named Farm Share hosted the distribution and they say they arrived with 30,000 pounds of goods.

"When the community gives us a call and lets us know that they need help and would like us to do a distribution in the community, we go ahead and we find a way to coordinate this," said Farm Share's assistant operations manager John Delgado.

"I can pay a bill now with the money that I'm getting for the food," said Anderson.

Much of this food is donated from farmers across the United States. Farm Share also has an agreement with USDA and other food companies.

"It's important that we share this from the federal government through Farm Share to make sure that our residents get nutritional food," said state representative Barbara Watson.

Dozens of volunteers from the community helped carry boxes and gave out food. Many say they're happy to give back to their community.

Farmshare hosts about two food distributions per week. Upcoming distribution locations are posted on the organization's website,

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