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Miami Gardens Man Killed in Shooting Involving Federal Agents, Family Desperate for Answers

"It’s like we're against the world right now because it’s the police that shot him. So how are we gonna know if we find out the truth?"

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The family of a Miami Gardens man is desperate for answers after they say he was killed during a shooting involving federal agents last Friday in Coral Gables.

“He loved us more than anything,” said a heartbroken Janira Wimberly.

She said her husband of ten years, 36-year-old Brandon Wimberly, was the love of her life, her soulmate, and the father of their two young girls. 

“Something’s not right and I need to know what happened because I am not going to rest until I find out,” Janira Wimberly said.

The night of the shooting, authorities released very few details, only to say that it happened during the course of a large-scale financial investigation involving agents from Homeland Security. Coral Gables police was assisting to help set up a perimeter. 

“During a large-scale financial investigation, an individual brandished a weapon at special agents with Homeland Security Investigations, as a result, agents fired at the suspect,” agency spokesman Nestor Yglesias said in a statement.

NBC 6's Derrick Lewis has more on what officials are saying led to agents opening fire Friday.

Footage from Chopper 6 showed a gray minivan riddled with bullets and a yellow tarp inside. 

However, for the grieving family, the images and the brief statements are not enough to explain what led to the 36-year-old’s death. 

“We want to know what transpired the day of the shooting,” said Brandon’s younger brother Antonio Wimberly. “We want to know, did he shoot? What led to the shooting? What happened? What was the cause of the shooting?"

“I want his story to be told, and I want the truth to be told, you feel what I’m saying?" Janira Wimberly said. "To me, it’s like we're against the world right now because it’s the police that shot him. So how are we gonna know if we find out the truth? Like how are we gonna find out?"

Federal agents have not confirmed that it was their bullet that struck him, only that the FDLE is now investigating the agent-involved shooting. 

The family said that they asked police if anyone else was with Wimberly that day. According to the family, they were told someone else was with him. NBC 6 reached out to the FDLE to try and confirm this. However, no one has responded. 

Wimberly has been arrested in the past. Most of the arrests were for non-violence offenses. 

HSI has said they recovered the firearm that they say was brandished at the scene. HSI special agents were also injured that day and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. 

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