Salon Wars

Second blaze in the past week guts beauty salon, whose owner says its just the beginning of a war with another salon

A hair salon that's been torched by fire twice in the past week may be the work of an arsonist who wants to put the beauty shop out of business.

Miami firefighters putting out an early morning blaze at June's Unisex Salon today found the remnants of a Molotov cocktail in the store.

It was the second fire set in the salon in the past week, according to fire officials. Last Friday, someone poured a flammable liquid into holes in the salon's roof. Two fires were set at beauty salons last year at two different locations, including one across the street from June's.

It appears whoever set the first fire at June's returned to finish the job.

"Obviously, somebody was targeting the store and they definitely want to do some damage to them or just force them out of business," Miami Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ignatius Carroll said.

"They burned my beauty salon down. I'd like to get to the bottom of this," said June Watkins, the owner of June's. "I hope the people stop burning down the people's business and do the right thing."

"This is my retirement and my heritage for my children also," Watkins said.

Nobody was injured in the fire, and Miami Police and Fire Departments and the ATF are all investigating the incident.

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