Miami Heat Fashion, From Bikinis to Shoes

NBC 6's Roxanne Vargas provides a guide on what's out there

It’s too early to start celebrating a championship win, but it’s not too late to gear up – from head to toe – with must-have Heat fashion!

Regardless of what happens with the Miami Heat in their NBA Finals matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder, fans can take the successes of a great season onto the beach. That’s what Dwayne Wade’s girlfriend Gabrielle Union did, as the actress was seen on the beach wearing an official NBA Miami Heat bikini.

Only in Miami can you support your team with your shoes of choice for the day. Herstar offers mega fans two options – sexy suede or bedazzled and blinged out. The suede will set you back $100 and the crystals $250.

Hats and jerseys are a given in the Finals, and fans can wear the same gear that the team wore when they celebrated a defeat over Boston to clinch the Eastern Conference Finals.

But as hot as the Heat are, many people out there are looking to cash in on their success.

“Unfortunately there is counterfeit merchandise. However, we encourage fans to go to official retailers,” said Kimberly Kanouse of the NBA Store.

AmericanAirlines Arena has an official store. Fans can also look out for the NBA hologram for official NBA gear.

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