Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald Endorse Opposing Candidates in Senate Race

The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald are going their separate ways when it comes to endorsing a candidate for Florida's hotly-contested Senate race.

After previously supporting incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio, the Miami Herald is recommending Democrat Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate. The paper said Rubio has been a disappointment, blocking any consideration of the president's nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy, and his opposition of Obamacare.

Meanwhile, El Nuevo Herald chose Sen. Rubio because of his "passion for human rights and his expertise in foreign affairs, especially in Latin America and the Middle East."

They said both newspapers look at the top priority of their audience and then make a decision.

"So this is not new to us. They kind of understand where we come from and we understand where they come from," El Nuevo Herald executive editor Myriam Marquez said.

"We have to respect each others' audiences and their issues and priorities and concerns and that's just how we work together," Miami Herald editorial page editor Nancy Ancrum said.

Both editorial boards said while they've had a difference of opinion when it comes to major candidates or races, they have agreed to recommend Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

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