Miami Hurricanes, Florida Gators Fans Face Off at Sun Life Stadium

The Miami Hurricanes defeated the Florida Gators, 21-16, in the first meeting between the two schools since 2008.

Sun Life Stadium saw a packed house on Saturday as fans converged for what could be the last game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators for the foreseeable future.

The 21-16 win for Miami boosted Hurricanes fans' enthusiasm and left Gator fans wanting a rematch.

The tailgate party before the game was lively and friendly, with fans from both teams drinking and eating side-by-side in anticipation for the match-up. But that didn't mean fans weren't exchanging jibes.

"Look around, it's all about the orange and green, if you know what I mean," Hurricanes fan Greg Fulton said.

Gators fans surrounded by the Miami colors said it was to be expected in the opposing team's hometown.

"We are surrounded by Canes, but it is Miami," Gators fan Chuck Puett said.

Some said it was because of the Gators that the game was so packed.

"Miami can't even sell out their stadium for any game," said Gators fan Brian Hanrahan. "They should thank us for the fact that we are here."

Security was tight throughout the game, and fans had to carry their belongings in clear plastic bags. Traffic was heavy getting in and out of the stadium, but it all flowed as law enforcement kept it all under control.

Meanwhile, spotty showers didn't discourage fans tailgating outside the stadium.

"We're at home, it's nice weather, we're going to beat them," one 'Canes fan said. "The Hurricane is here."

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