Miami Lexus Dealer Offers Lap of Luxury

$70 million facility does car buying in excess

Lexus may be in "The Pursuit of Perfection," but at the Lexus of North Miami it's the pursuit of pampering that may have customers coming back.

That's the hope anyway after $70 million were poured into the new 1,000,000 square foot facility that features amenities you'd expect to find at a luxury resort.

A high-end restaurant, gift shop, spa, exercise room, concierge services, business centers, children’s play area, relaxation rooms, and nail and hair salon are all part of what the dealership calls Club Lexus, according to the dealership's Website.

"It's trying to create an experience no one can match," dealership owner Craig Zinn told the Miami Herald. "The whole key to being a success in today's marketplace is taking care of that customer after they buy the car."

Lexus owners can grab lunch, get a makeover, even get their teeth whitened all while their tires are rotated and oil is changed. Some services are free, others come with a price.

The dealership, which opened last month, has a formal opening today. It's replaces Zinn's Countyline Lexus in Hollywood, which closed in May.

Zinn, who had to borrow against his house to help pay for the facility, doesn't seem too worried about opening such an extravagant dealership in such a lousy  atmosphere for selling cars.

"Lexus wanted to see that I had my heart and my soul and my [rear] in it. They basically said, 'Are you willing to put everything on the line?' And I said, absolutely. So that's why we did it," Zinn said.

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