Miami Man Accused in Little Havana Armed Robberies: Police

A South Florida man is facing serious charges for an alleged Sunday afternoon crime spree involving two Little Havana locations and two female victims.

Jason Velasquez, 22, has been charged with armed robbery with a weapon, home invasion robbery and false imprisonment.

In the first case, the victim was trying to get to her home behind a gate. In her arms she had laundry and her child. She said she felt somebody behind her, turned and saw Velasquez. He shoved her up against the metal gate and demanded her property.

The woman said she didn't have anything to give and that's when he pulled out a knife. She gave him her iPhone.

Then police said Velasquez was off to another scene, just two blocks from the first alleged incident, where things got even more violent.

It happened in the back of a home on Southwest 7th, where Velasquez tried to push his way in. The owner of the property, Luis Villavicencio, heard something and went to investigate his tenant.

He and his son-in-law knocked and saw Velasquez sitting in the room. They left but moments later, "When I left, I heard her scream. Me and my son-in-law went back and found him there. She said everything is good."

According to the police report, Velasquez told the victim to say everything was fine or he would kill her. That's when Velasquez grabbed her by the neck, choked her, and put a knife to her throat.

He snatched necklaces from her neck, a watch and car keys and then took off. The young woman yelled for help and Velasquez was eventually arrested by police.

According to neighbors, they've never seen Velasquez before and in this part of Little Havana, this type of crime is unusual.

As for Velasquez, he had just been released on bond on felony charges of vehicular grand theft and possession of marijuana.

Judge Mindy Glazer didn't let him forget it, "There's a hold for Judge Puller. You'll see her tomorrow."

It's unclear whether Velasquez has an attorney.

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