Miami Man Manufactured Marijuana-Laced Candy: Police

A Miami man is facing several drug charges after police said he manufactured marijuana laced candy with the intention to distribute.

According to a report, Miami-Dade Police searched the residence of 34-year-old Christopher Vazquez in the 200 block of Northeast 27th Street in Miami on Tuesday.

Inside the home, police found drug paraphernalia, and plastic baggies containing what appeared to be pot-laced push pops, chocolate bars, and other various marijuana infused candies.

Vazquez also had more than $1,600 in cash in his right front pocket, police confirm.

"When they walked in and they saw it was an eye opening experience," Miami Police spokeswoman Kenia Fallat said. "What they saw were candy bars, push-pops, everything concealed, concealing marijuana. Indeed this man put a lot of thought into what he was selling."

Vazquez was arrested and charged with cannabis trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, and drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver.

He was ordered held on $26,000 bond. It is not known whether Vazquez has hired an attorney.

Police said at first they were worried he was selling to children, but they said his target was adults. Fallat said a passerby tipped them off to Vazquez's home.

"Clearly someone walked by and had a strong odor of marijuana so when our detectives went out there they stumbled across that very smell," Fallat said.

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