Miami Man Nabbed With 40,000 Ecstasy Pills in GA

16 pounds of pills worth $800,000 taken in one of largest seizures in U.S. history

In what authorities are calling one of the largest Ecstasy seizures in U.S. history, a Miami man was caught with 40,000 of the mind-bending pills worth about $800,000 in his car during a traffic stop in rural Georgia.

Wayne McDarman Hill, 42, was arrested and charged with trafficking the pills -- about 16 pounds worth -- during the routine stop on I-75 in Lamar County.

Police said Hill may be part of a drug pipeline that runs from Florida through Kentucky and up into Canada.

Hill was believed to be taking the Ecstasy from Canada to Miami, where it would be exchanged for cocaine that would head back up to Canada, according to the Lamar County Sheriff's Office.

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