Miami Man's Dino Dig

Amateur archaelogist thinks Brickell yard was Jurassic Park

An amateur Miami archaelogist thinks his Brickell Avenue yard was once a miniature Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs roamed and an ancient civilization dwelled.

Ishmael "Golden Eagle" began digging in his back yard during the Cold War, searching for fresh water as rumors that Castro was poisoning the city's water supply ran rampant.

As he shoveled through his yard, he began finding skulls, animal bones and religious artifacts including the ruins of a temple.

After 40 years, Eagle had excavated his entire yard.

"It's been excavated. And it's a formation of prehistoric animals," Eagle told WPLG. "People come from all over to see these fossils because they're very rare. No one has fossils like these."

Experts have examined the artifacts and told Eagle that they are from the Tequesta Indians, about 2,000 years old.

Eagle says not so fast. He claims the fossils are more like 2 million years old.

Either way, Eagle has found some antiquities that would make Indiana Jones jealous.

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