Miami Named Sexiest City in the U.S.

So sexy it hurts, says travel guide

One night out in South Beach would make it easy to see why Miami was voted the “sexiest” city in America.

Where else will you see designer thongs whether you're on the beach or in a bookstore? But beyond the physical attributes of Miamians, it’s the city’s style that probably garnered the honor, bestowed by, a traveler’s review website.

The glam and glitz of the Magic City can’t be denied. Celebrities (and hot ones at that) at every turn. Trendy beaches. The Kardashians. Oh, and the blazing sun. Can’t get much sexier than that.

The site surveyed 3,400 U.S. travelers to give their opinions on the best and worst of major U.S. cities. Respondents also voted on the city with the best accent, cleanest city, and most overrated and underrated locations.

And if Miami is a sexy Cinderella, then Cleveland would undoubtedly be our ugly, dull step-sister.

Travelers voted Cleveland the most boring city in America (D-Wade sticks it to LeBron one more time).

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